August 31, 2015




The primary purpose of these updated FAQs is to inform our customers that after the voluntary withdrawal of the affected products (as previously announced), the FDA notified Cott that it was in agreement with Cott’s actions and was classifying this product withdrawal as a Class II Recall. Accordingly Cott is updating its withdrawal notification to reflect the recall status in the U.S.


1. Does the classification of this product withdrawal as a Class II Recall mean that it is more severe or widespread than the initial product withdrawal?

 A. No.  Cott had already made the decision to voluntarily withdraw the product in the interest of public safety, and notified the FDA of that activity.  The recent classification determination by the FDA stated that it acknowledcged and agreed with Cott’s actions.  The recall classification is the result of Cott’s ongoing collaboration with the FDA and is consistent with FDA guidelines and requirements relative to this product withdrawal.

2. Why were the products recalled?

One of our ingredient suppliers for our flavors recently alerted Cott that there is a possibility the affected products may have contained a trace amount of Tree Nuts (Walnut), which is not listed in the ingredient panel.

We immediately initiatied a market withdrawal of the products listed and shown in the July 31, 2015 Notice for the Date Codes noted.

Within the United States these products were sold or distributed through:

  • Demoulas Supermarkets
  • C&S Wholesale
  • Krasdale Foods, Inc.
  • General Trading Carlstadt
  • Bozzuto’s
  • Foodco Distributors, Inc.
  • Giant Eagle OK Grocery
  • Heinens Fine Foods
  • Merchants Distributors
  • Associated Wholesalers
  • Variety Wholesalers Inc.

Within Canada these products were sold or distributed through:

  • Core-Mark
  • Distributor AB
  • Distributor Eric Rodrigue
  • Distributor Mix B S L G
  • Distributor Rene Giguere
  • Distributor Saguenay
  • Distributor Vodem
  • Falls Wholesale Ltd
  • FKK Wholesale Cash And Carry
  • Grocery People Ltd
  • Karrys Bros. Limited
  • Lekker Food Distributors Ltd.
  • Les Distributions Manaly Inc
  • Macdonalds Consolidated
  • Morton Clarke & Co Ltd
  • Murray Wholesale
  • Rabba Fine Foods
  • Rollys Wholesale
  • Sincere Trading KBA Co Op
  • S&S Cash And Carry
  • Sobeys Canada
  • TJ Trading Co. Inc.
  • Walmart Canada
  • Wallace & Carey - Calgary
  • 7Eleven

3. What are the products that were recalled from the market?

See response to Q2 above and the July 31, 2015 Notice.  No other Clear Choice, Red Rain or INKED branded products are impacted by this withdrawal.

4. What are the date codes impacted?

See response to Q2 above and the July 31, 2015 Notice.  The products that were affected by this product recall were removed from sale earlier this year and not currently available on store shelves.  New replacement product manufactured with compliant ingredients have been distributed with the same label, but a new Date Code, and are not impacted by this product recall.

5. How much allergen is in the products?

Third party results showed the allergen concentration is below the lab’s capability of detection.  Allergen levels were identified as “Not Detected” in the samples tested.

6. Is there a consumer risk with respect to consuming the affected products?

People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to Tree Nuts may run the risk of an allergic reaction if they consume these products.

7. Did Cott or the ingredient manufacturer receive any complaints regarding allergic reaction to these products?

No.  We have not received any complaints.

8. What should I do with the products in my possession?

Any consumers with the impacted products are being asked to not consume the beverages and return them to your retailer for a full refund.

Any retailers or distributors of the products were instructed at the time of the product withdrawal to immediately cease sales of the affected products and to destroy them at their retailer location with confirmation to Cott as to the number of cases destroyed.

9. When can I buy these products again?

These products were reformulated with allergen-free ingredients to enable Cott to replenish our supply chain and replacement products are available now. Our retail customer outlets should only have inventory of the reformulated beverages.

10. Are the new/replacement products allergen free?


11. Is there a number I can call if I have questions?

Yes, you can contact Cott Consumer Information Center:

United States:

9 AM to 9 PM ET
Monday through Friday


24 Hours/day